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John Stevens

Licensed Real Estate Broker
120 Washington St Ste. 304
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone: 315-405-8047
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My husband was deployed at the time we needed to put our house on the market, so I had to call around and interview agents. My neighbor across the street listed her house with John Stevens of PCS Homes and just 9 days later he sold it for 98% of list price. She was very happy with his marketing and professionalism, and she recommended I interview him for the job. I then watched him sell another neighbor's house just two doors away in just 5 days, so I gave him a call.I liked what he had to say about how he markets his properties to stand out from the crowd and his attention to the market data. After talking with my husband, we both agreed John was the right fit. We made the right choice, since he sold our home in just 1 day! My husband and I both recommend you call John when you need to sell. Amanda & Christopher Cannon
I knew I wanted to interview John to help us sell our home even though he wasn't our agent at the time we bought our home. In fact he represented the sellers. The day before closing there was an issue with the house that we found during our final walk-through. Needless to say I was disappointed and stressed at this last minute situation. Our agent called John to let him know of the issues, and he immediately began calling contractors to get things fixed in time for the next day's closing. I was so impressed with his responsiveness and commitment to his clients. This commitment is why we interviewed him, but his demonstrated track record for selling homes fast and for the most amount of money is why we hired him. He didn't let us down either; he sold our home for 98.5% of list price in just 5 days! We were thrilled to have it sold so quickly and for almost full price. We had an absolutely great experience and suggest you call John for your next PCS. Jason & Heather Walters
I accepted an unbelievable job opportunity that required us to sell our home and move out of state. Jenn and I had already had a wonderful experience working with PCS Homes and John when we purchased our home, so he was the obvious choice for us. We asked him for suggestions on home improvements that might help sell our home quickly, and for the most amount of money. We listened to his suggestions, made the recommended improvements, and John had our home sold for 98% of list price in only 9 days! Jenn and I know we made the right choice in listing our home with PCS Homes, and can't thank them enough for making it such an easy, quick and hassle free experience. Matthew & Jennifer McCann
Finding and buying our home with John was a great experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Once we found out that we would be receiving PCS orders after my husband returned home from deployment, we knew it was time to sell our home and John was perfect for the job. He shared his unique marketing and sales strategy, and I understood it was possible for him to sell homes in half the time of the average agent. And John had the track record to prove it. He walked me through the entire sales process and took the time to answer my questions, no matter how small they seemed. John listed our home and it sold the very next day for over 100% of our asking price! Our experience working with John was truly amazing. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, we highly recommend you give John a call. Caleb & Rebecca Webster
We found out the hard way that hind sight truly is 20/20! John was recommended to us by good friends, but our military bank offered us an incentive to go with one of their "own" realtors. Our good friends later listed their home with John and he had it sold for 102% of the list price in one day! Needless to say we wondered if we had made the wrong decision. When our contract expired without a sale we immediately called PCS Homes. John didn't let us down as he sold our home in only 9 days for 98.8% of our asking price. If you're PCS'ing make sure John is your first call! Brandon & Alicia Sirois
John came highly recommended from a few friends at Ft. Drum. I later found out he had sold homes for several other pilots I knew. My wife Karen was also referred to John by a co-worker after he had successfully sold their home in just 9 days. I interviewed a couple other realtors but between all the positive feedback from his former clients and his track record, I knew John was the right choice. John sold our house in just 10 days for 100% of our asking price! When multiple people all refer you to the same person it's time to take notice. If you have a home to sell when it comes time for your next PCS. John is the guy! Jon & Karen Corey
We weren't PCS'ing for a few months but we knew it was a slow market, so we decided to get our home on the market as soon as we could. My husband had heard great things about John and PCS Homes from his co-workers on post, and we were both impressed with his reputation for selling homes quickly. John sold our home in just 10 days for 98% of list price. It was a smooth process from start to finish and now I'm telling my friends to call PCS Homes when it's time to sell. Tom & Kristen Tenney
Our Home was listed with two separate USAA agents, but our home never sold. Friends of ours had great success selling their home with PCS Homes, so we decided to give them a call. It was clear from the start that John understood the importance of a timely PCS sale and his track record for moving homes quickly definitely got our attention. Once we spoke to him it was an easy decision. Our frustration with not being able to sell our home was over quickly when John got us an offer in just 45 days! We are so thankful our friends recommended PCS Homes and suggest you call John first! Dave & Sonya Van Vechten
John Sold our neighbors home in a little over two months while most homes in our neighborhood were taking much longer to sell. We liked how he marketed his clients homes and he also offered us his 59 day sale guarantee. It was great, he sold our home in just 12 days for 100% of our asking price! David & Jackie Giruzzi
I was talking with a co-worker whom I respected, and he suggested I call John Stevens of PCS Homes who had recently sold his house. When we met with John we let him know upfront we hoped to sell our home before summer. He then showed us his documented history for selling homes over twice as fast as the local average. We were thrilled when John sold our home in 47 days at 96.5% of list price. Raymond & Michele Miller
We have dealt with a ton of realtors during our military career and none even came close to the level of service John provided us. I had a lot going on when I learned we would be PCSing and leaving Ft. Drum. My husband was deployed, I was crazy busy at work, and had a little one at home with another soon to arrive. I called PCS Homes after reading a letter they had sent and was impressed with their track record for selling home quickly. I met with John to discussed the sale of our home where he shared his comprehensive marketing strategy for selling our home quickly. He also shared a few tips on how to prepare our home to sell fast and for the most amount of money. It worked like a charm and he sold our home in just 21 days for 99.5% of list price. We are so grateful to have found him and suggest you make PCS Homes your first call! Tracy & Aaron Lee
A friend and I both came down on PCS orders at the same time and were talking about how we needed to sell our homes. My friend suggested I call and talk to PCS Homes. He had received a mailing from them guaranteeing to sell his house in 59 days or less or pay him $1,500 cash. It sounded to good to be true, but I called anyway just to see what they had to say. We met with John and listened to his marketing and sales process and had never seen or heard anything like it before. It was amazing, John listed sold our house himself in just 22 days and for 99.67 % of asking price! Oh, by the way, John listed and sold my friends home in only 16 days for 99.7% of asking price. Needless to say, we're both thrilled with his performance and recommend him to all our friends. Bobby Guffey
We listed our home on a Monday and by Friday it was sold. Not only did it sell in just 4 days, but it sold for over 98% of our asking price. John laid out his marketing strategy and took all the risk when he offered his 59 day sale guarantee. His marketing system works and his track record speaks for itself. It's all there. It's real. It's not just theories and promises, but a straight forward systemized approach for selling your home quickly, for the most amount of money, with no hassle. The PCS Homes Selling System delivers the results you need! Sung-Il & Michelle Suh
My husband and I had a lot going on at the time, between his retirement from the Army, searching for schools and a new home across the country, and packing all our things. John had recently sold two homes on the street next to us, so we thought we would give him a call. We listed our home on a Tuesday and had a full price offer that Friday. What a welcome surprise and relief it was to have our home sold in just 3 days for 100% of our asking price! John and PCS Homes lived up to their reputation and sold our home fast and for top dollar. Tina & Jay Richards
John came highly recommended to us after he sold our friends home in just 27 days. We interviewed a couple of realtors anyway, but John's marketing and successful track record for selling homes quickly made the decision easy. John had our home sold in just 45 days, giving us plenty of time to prepare for the move. We found out later that John actually sold our home almost 3 times faster than the market average. If you want your home sold, call PCS Homes and ask for John. Mathew & Christine Selvaggio
Our neighbors listed their house with John and it sold in less than two weeks, so we called to have him look at ours. My husband and I met with John but we were still a little skeptical that he could sell it in 59 days or less as he said. Our skepticism soon vanished when he sold our home in only 3 days! Having our home sold so quickly took a huge weight off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on all the other things we needed to get done before the move. We're now recommending PCS Homes and John to all our friends. Noi & Scott Jackson
Although good friends of ours had sold their home with John and had a great experience, we wanted to try selling our home ourselves with After several months and only a few showings to show for it, we decided it was time to list with John. Our PCS date was drawing near and we hoped John could sell our home as quickly as he claimed. He offered his company's 59 day sale guarantee but it wasn't necessary since he sold our home is just 27 days! If you need to meet a PCS deadline....Call John. Joel & Coren Zecca
My husband received orders to pcs so we needed to find a realtor to help us sell our home. We had received a mailing from John guaranteeing to sell our home in 59 days or less or pay us $1,500, so we gave them a call. I said to John when we met, "there's no pressure but we sold our last home very quickly, so the bar is set pretty high". I was floored when John brought us an offer the same day it went up for sale for 96.7% of list price. We're now telling all our friends to call PCS homes as soon as they come down on PCS orders. Nadine & Cameron Gardehl
After attempting to sell our home ourselves for over a month and a half, we decided it was time to find a realtor to help. We interviewed several agents for the job with mixed results, but when we met John and saw his marketing strategy, we knew it was the right fit. Not only was his marketing style unique and fresh, he had a track record for selling homes quickly. John had our home sold in just 12 days from the time we listed with him. We highly recommend calling John if you're looking for fast results. Matthew & Emily Stehr
I received a job offer in Arizona with little advance notice, so it didn't leave much time to put my home on the market, get packed and move. I was worried I might not be able to sell my home quickly and be stuck paying both rent were I was moving to, as well as making my mortgage payment. However, John listed and sold my house himself in just 26 days in a slow market where homes were taking 140 days on average to sell. I had to report to my new job prior to closing, but john kept me in the loop and made the entire experience hassle free. PCS Homes really came through when I needed it the most! Mark Harris
Fall and winter were approaching quickly and we wanted to make sure our home was sold before the slow selling season hit. My wife and I interviewed a few realtors but found PCS Homes had the best marketing plan. John shared his track record with us before we listed, so we were very comfortable with having him represent us. John delivered the results we were looking for when he sold our home in just 28 days. We are so thankful we went with PCS Homes over all other choices. Joshua & Tina Perretta
My new job meant I would have to move out of the area, but before I cold I needed to sell my home. I had been receiving letters and postcards for John at PCS Homes and thought his "59 Day sale Guarantee" was just another sales gimmick. Out of curiosity we decided to interview him anyway along with several others from larger companies. Once we met with John we quickly realized his marketing strategy was completely different from the other agents, and his track record reflected drastically superior performance. John Sold our home in 45 days, potentially saving us thousands of dollars in unnecessary mortgage payments compared to 120 day market average at the time. Thanks for all your hard work and outstanding results! John & Stephanie Driscoll
I wanted to move closer to my work but needed to sell my current home first. I was very impressed with John's track record so decided to list my house with PCS Homes. John brought me an offer the very next day and sold my home in less than 24 hrs! Now that I had an offer on my home, I had to get moving quickly to find a new home. John helped me find just what I was looking for in the neighborhood I wanted to be. I couldn't have asked for a better real estate experience and recommend PCS Homes to everyone, especially if you're looking to purchase a new home but need to sell your exiting home too. JoAnn Hill
When we pcs'd to Fort Drum John truly listened to what we wanted in a home and with his extensive knowledge of the local market was able to find us the perfect home in short order. When it came time to sell we immediately called PCS HOMES to list our home. We were thrilled when John got us a full priced offer in only 13 Days! PCS HOMES did an excellent job marketing our home and we highly recommend their services whether you're looking to buy or sell a home. Tracy & Elizabeth Jensen
PCS HOMES did an outstanding job selling our home. John sold our home for 97.7% of our asking price in just 1 Day! Not only did PCS HOMES deliver outstanding results, but they took the time to walk us through the entire process all the way to closing. Mathew McCummins
When we first met John he guaranteed to sell our home in 90 days or give us $1,500 cash. He then shared his track record with us and told us about some of the unique marketing and technology he uses to sell his homes, but like anyone else we were skeptical that he could sell our home so quickly. You can imagine how happy and surprised we were when John Sold our home in just 3 days and for 97% of list price. PCS Homes delivered the results they promised and now we recommend them to everyone. Jacob & Amy Morano
We originally tried selling our home ourselves, but decided we needed to list with an agent as our pcs date drew near. Our friends highly recommended PCS Homes to us and we're so thankful they did. John got us an offer for 102% of asking price in just 8 days. What a relief it was to have our home sold so quickly, so we could concentrate on everything else we needed to do in order to pcs. John truly understands the urgency and timing issues of a military move and we recommend him without reservation. Charles & Debra Gilbertson
We needed to sell our home quickly since I received pcs orders while away at Fort Dix on TCS. I had received a letter from PCS HOMES guaranteeing to sell my home in 90 days or less or pay me $1,500 cash, so I decided to give them a call. We meet with John and liked his unique home selling and marketing system and signed with him that evening. We know we made the right decision since PCS HOMES sold our home in only 13 days! We recommend PCS HOMES for your next PCS move. Brad & Julie Amstutz
We needed to relocate out of the area so I could be closer to work and wanted to sell our home quickly. Our home was listed for a year and a half with other real estate firms before we found John and PCS HOMES, so you can imagine the level of relief we felt when he got us an offer in only 27 days! John shared his track record with us before we signed so we had an idea of what we might expect, but he even toped that. Thank you John and PCS HOMES for selliing our home so quickly and giving me back hours of lost commute time. Kevin & Susan McCoy
PCS HOMES helped take the stress out of selling our home. I had my plate full with a husband who was deployed, a baby on the way, and a home we needed to sell. I noticed many of the homes in our area were taking a long time to sell and so I was concerned it might take a while. John sold our home in only 45 days, which was less than half the MLS average of 100 days at the time. PCS HOMES' unique marketing helped sell our home fast and for full price. Now I recommend PCS HOMES to all my friends whether they're buying or selling a home. J. Taylor
When I received order to pcs I quickly began to worry about how long it might take to sell my house. Other homes in our area were taking several months or more, but I didn't have that kind of time. We decided to list with PCS HOMES since we knew they primarily work with members of the military and knew our home would be seen by those pcsing to Ft. Drum. John sold our home in just 38 days for 96.3% of our list price! I highly recommend you call PCS HOMES if you want great results too. Dan Imperial
We received PCS orders and had to start planning for the sale of our home. Although we didn't have to move for several months we thought it would be best to sell it as soon as possible so we could check it off our list. We had heard about PCS HOMES and their 59 day sale guarantee and decided to go with them. Not only did Pcs Homes deliver on their promise, but they actually sold it in just 48 days for 98.15% of list price! As it turned out our orders changed last minute and we needed to report to our next post only days after closing. We are so thankful we went with Pcs Homes. Kevin & Audra Greening
John Sold our house in only 33 days and for 97.48% of list price, or 3.61% more than the average MLS realtor. We walked away with an extra $5,700 in our pocket and couldn't be happier. We would recommend PCS HOMES to anyone looking for Superior Results. Stephen Goodrich
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